2) Two – In the first question you provided your observations/hunches/reasons for the PICOT question you provided.


For example HIV
In this question briefly provide Clinical Significance supported by the literature. Clinical significance means that the literature provides evidence to support the practice as important to patient
care, patient outcomes, and as such is the best choice for patient care. Also refer to the provided article. Be sure to provide the PICOT question to begin this post.

Heavey, E. (2015). Differentiating statistical significance and clinical significance. AmericanNurseToday.com 10(5). Retrieved from https://americannursetoday.com/differentiating-statistical-


Templates and Definitions for PICOT Questions
PICOT is an acronym for: Patient Population (P), Intervention or Issue of Interest (I), Comparison intervention or Issue of Interest (C), Outcome(s) (O), Time [for intervention to affect achieve
outcome] (T)
Select ONE of the templates below that best fits YOUR research question.
1. Intervention or therapy
To determine which treatment leads to the best outcome
In _____________________ (P),
how does ______________ (I)
compared with _________ (C)
affect __________________ (O)
within _________________ (T)?

2. Etiology
To determine the greatest risk factors or causes of a condition
Are ______________________________ (P)
who have ________________________ (I),
compared with those without ________ (C),
at (increased or decreased) risk for ____________________ (O)
over _____________________________ (T)?

3. Diagnosis or diagnostic test
To determine which test is more accurate and
precise in diagnosing a condition
In ______________________________ (P),
are/is ___________________________ (I)
compared with ___________________ (C)
more precise in diagnosing _______ (O)?


Part One – Using one of the PICOT Questions Templates provided, present YOUR PICOT question and your observations/hunches/reasons that support your choice.
NUR4165 Templates and Definitions for PICOT Questions_KU.docx
Please use the attached template and then copy and paste it into your response. Do not attach the actual document.


Example –
PICOT Question: In post menopausal women ages 50-60 diagnosed with depression, how does the use of support groups and individual counseling compared with individual counseling only, affect self-
reported depression after one year.


MY RATIONALE: I have observed in my practice that women who attend support groups seem to do better in dealing with their depression. I have often wondered if this is supported in the literature
and research.


*Please refer to the discussion rubric for other discussion post requirements in addition to Part One requirements