#3 assignment

#3 assignment
Assessment Practices ( Nurse Educator)

Reflect on current assessment practices for evaluating student learning in an educational or work-based health care setting.

Find three current research articles published in the last five years regarding health care assessment practices. These could be conducted in an educational or work-based health care setting.

Analyze the suggestions made in the articles regarding assessing students in a professional or classroom health care setting. What recommendations do you make regarding student assessment in a health care setting based on your analysis of the research articles?

Include in your review who must evaluate the students and health care professionals outside of the classroom. What role do adult learners take in the evaluation process?

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper. Please do 1050 words with a
introduction and conclusion

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


This is what my week 6 assignment will be on. Please do not do.  This is team work. JUST FOR YOU TO HAVE AN IDEA of what week 3 reflects on. Thanks.

Prepare a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper responding to the following scenario:

Imagine that you are conducting a hybrid course where part of the orientation is synchronous and the rest of the time the students participate in an asynchronous environment. The outcomes for your course program include:

•    Participants must be able to identify the various types of work-related harassment and the consequences of such actions.
•    Participants must be able to relate the need to maintain confidentiality of patient information and proprietary organizational information to work-related situations.

Enrolled in your course are five diverse students with varying learning styles, health care experience, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The students are employees at various health care organizations.

Your students are:

•    Maria Sanchez: Maria is fluent in both Spanish and English and has prior health care work experience.

•    Olga Bartold: Olga is 50 years old and new to the United States. Having come from Germany, she has limited English proficiency and is fluent in German. Olga does not have any experience working in a health care environment.

•    Dr. Ranzin: Dr. Ranzin is from India and speaks fluent English and has several years of experience working in a health care environment.

•    Joe Antone: Joe is a member of the Navajo Community. This is Joe’s first experience working in a health care environment.

•    Martha Scott: Martha is from the Midwest and has several years of experience working in a health care environment.

Compare and contrast the various assessment methods used for this type of course now that you have met your students.

Identify the method you think will be the most effective to respond to this situation based on your analysis. Explain why you think this. What alternate assessments can you use to evaluate student learning?

Indicate how you evaluate the students based on the following criteria:
•    On an individual level
•    In a group activity
•    In health care
•    In a classroom setting
•    Distance learning environment

Answer the following question:

•    How does the method you have selected address the various learning styles, special populations, and use of higher order thinking skills for the types of students noted above?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use at least three references from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and cite them in the body of the paper. Newspapers, magazine articles, and websites are not acceptable sources.

Use the University Library to find additional materials to support your analysis.