4 Different Discussion Boards


DISCUSSION #1: People of color (particularly African Americans) are diagnosed with schizophrenia more frequently than European Americans. Knowing this information, in your discussion posting, discuss:
1. Why is this this case? 2. What can we do about it as social workers at the micro, mezzo and macro levels? You must include reference to your reading(s) to-date in your posting to receive full credit for the post. You may also include citations/references from other reputable or scholarly sources (note: Wikipedia, blogs, etc. are not reputable sources and only peer-reviewed joumals are considered scholarly sources).
DISCUSSION #2: In some countries, including Canada, social workers cannot diagnose. Only psychologists, and MD’s can diagnose. Consider the following in your discussion posting:
1. How do you feel about this? 2. If we were not able to diagnose, what would be the implications to our profession? 3. What changes would need to be made in our current service delivery model?
DISCUSSION #3: Many of our Veterans, especially those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, suffer from traumatic brain injury (TB°, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and/or severe depression. Vietnam vets also may experience PTSD and depression. There is evidence of elevated substance use/abuse among these veterans and an increase in the rate of homelessness.
For your posting this week, discuss:
1. What are some of the barriers that veterans face in receiving mental health care?, and 2. What are some interventions we can make as social workers on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels? In your posting, include reference to at least one (1) of your readings and/or a scholarly article el have an e-book if you need). This means, you must include a citation and accompanying reference with your post.
DISCUSSION #4: Many professionals have expressed concern regarding the increase in diagnosing of children with mental health diagnoses. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder was included when the DSM IV-R was revised to the DSM 5. For your positing, consider the following:
1. What stands out to you from the reading(s) regarding this diagnosis? 2. What are the implications of diagnosing this disorder on micro, mezzo and macro levels?
I have the e-book for my class and a login if you would like to see each discussion from there as well as my learning modules.