5300 Applied Analytics RESEARCH DESIGN



5300 Applied Analytics RESEARCH DESIGN – 3. Individual Activity

Paper details:

Recall the work you have done in this and in other classes on identifying the big problems and management questions you have
for your organization. Previously in this course. you have identified one such management question that you would like to
investigate further in this course. Throughout the course. we will scaffold your work as you develop your final assignment: a
proposal for how you might research and define an analytic solution to these questions. For this first part of the assignment,
you are asked to answer the following questions about your research problem. This process mirrors the framework from your
textbook, so be sure to review the content of chapters £1 and S if you have any questions.


Using the problem you identified in the discussion activity in Module 2 of this course (5300 – 2 Discussion Activity
APANPSSBOO Discussion Group ‘I7.doc ). answer the following questions. These questions will help you answer the research
question. Remember: this is your first attempt at crafting research questions. so be careful not to move too quickly to
methodology or to make assumptions. The rubric below should guide your responses to these questions.

1. Describe the management dilemma (or an observed symptom) that led to your interest in this problem.

2. Identity two or more exploratory questions and at least one secondary data sources that will help you further understand
the dilemma.

3. State the management question or problem statement.

ll. Identify at least one investigative question that helps you explore possible options and actions for solution.

5. Define research questions.


questions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

‘I. You have defined a management dilemma that is clear and worth exploring. Your problem statement should include the
observed symptom and practical business implications.

2. You have built out a line of inquiry (exploratory questions. management questions. and investigative questions) that are
clearly aligned and differentiated.

3. Your research question(s) is clear. measurable. and aligned to your management dilemma.