5PLW004 Advanced Criminal Law

5PLW004 Advanced Criminal Law

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My course Degree that i am studying is POLICING.

Assignment Question:
Debbie agreed to look after Penny’s new puppy, Rufus, while Penny went on holiday. Debbie decided to sell the puppy and tell Penny that Rufus had been stolen from the back garden. Debbie put an advert into the local newspaper with her own mobile number and a picture of Rufus which said, ‘Rufus needs a new home because the owner has to move abroad. He is a rare breed with exceptional markings. First £850 secures.’ Penny got Rufus from a work colleague, Margaret, after her Champion Tibetan Terrier had escaped and mated with a mongrel which lived next door. Debbie thinks that anyone buying a puppy from an advert in a paper would not expect it to be a pedigree and anyway in this transaction they would be getting a very attractive puppy. No one responded to the advert.

Debbie found a photograph of Jason with another colleague, Valerie, at work which had been taken when they were at a conference. Debbie sent an email to Jason stating: ‘The photograph of you and Valerie at the London Conference looks as if you are both having a good time. I am a good friend of Valerie’s husband. I assume that Valerie is involved in deciding the redundancy strategy next week and would appreciate it if you ask her not to put my name on the list to go’. Debbie then heard what the redundancy pay was and immediately sent another email to Jason which said, ‘Ignore the last email’. Jason had deleted the email without reading it.

When Debbie left work, she saw a bike which was not locked and thought that it looked like her sister’s bike which had been stolen the week before. Debbie decided to take it so that she could get home quickly. Sally, the owner of the bike challenged Debbie before she got on the bike. Debbie, shouted at Sally and said, ‘if you do not let me go I will smack you around the head’. Sally stepped back and Debbie made her escape with the bike. She dumped it at the end of the road. Debbie said that she left the bike there so that Sally could collect it.

Later that night Debbie met Brendon in the local pub. Brendon invited her back for a drink. Debbie intended to steal anything of value from the house and took a kitchen knife with her in case anyone caught her. When they were in the house Brendon showed Debbie a digital camera that he had just bought. While Brendon got the drinks, Debbie placed the camera in her bag and left the house.

Analyse Debbie’s criminal liability from the offences covered during this course.

In this assignment keep each new topic to a new paragraph and a new paragraph for the various actus reus and mens rea part of an offence. Make sure to always include the actus reus and mens rea.