705 MMGT (Asian Perspective)
Swot Analysis: Arbonne International
Thesis: To utilize and apply the holistic concepts and theories in the text that
illustrate the 4 P’s. The experience of Arbonne health and beauty line will make a spa
setting in order to provide superior services that will positively impact clientele. The
core competitors include: 1) client advocacy 2) skin care analysis 3) client
consultation and education 4) micro derma bras I an 5) skin rejuvenation 6)relaxation
and massage. As result, holistic marketing is the component used as a concept based
on the development,design and implementation of marketing programs, processes
and activities that recognizes their breadth and interdependencies.
The theoretical framework identifies the beginner spa therapist who includes 5 basic
massage techniques, however, an expert incorporates the pressure points
confidentially. The proposed swot analysis addresses the Marma points with a
primary focus that supports the Indian Head Massage treatment for the head and
neck. There are other reasons that people did these treatments in the past, but in
North America we can use them for relaxation and the healing process.
Indian head massage and Marma points are natural healing modalities. They fall into
the category of Ayurvedic treatments which is known as the “mother of all healing”
(Arroyave et all p 630). Since Ayurvedic treatments have a rich history it is important
for spa therapists to know this background. The main source of Ayurvedic education
comes from ancient writings called the Vedas written by Rishis, who are Indian
mystics. There are 5 vedic principles that a therapist would consider when doing
Indian head massage and Marma points. First of all energy and light create the
human body through 5 senses where we experience life. The therapist provides an
intentional multi sensory experience when performing Indian head massage and
Marma points. Secondly, taking in to account the detailed physiological disposition of
the client is crucial. This includes “height, weight, body frame, facial structure and the
condition of hair, skin and nails” (Arroyave et all p 630). Furthermore, the persons
behaviours and lifestyle are of equal importance. Third, are the introduction of the 5
elements and how they surface from depths of the clients soul. Earth, water, wind,
fire and space connect to the descriptions of the three universal doshas. Once an
account is made on the history of this client as per Ayurvedic technique then
customization of Indian head massage and Marma point follows. This connects with
the fourth principle which is encouraging the client to use their personal talents to
balance their weightier challenges. Lastly, it is important for the client to be
conscious of what they put into their bodies, this is why Ayuvedic medicine organic or
biodynamic foods are highly recommended. In Indian head massage and Marma
point has little to do with food, but recommendations are acceptable during or after
From the principles come the doshas and knowing the doshas customizes the two
massages discussed here which are Indian head massage and Marma point. The
background of the dosha as a Sanskrit word means “invisible force” (Arroyave et am
p 631). According to the Arroyave et al, the wonder in the dosha is that it cannot be
measured nor known by our senses. Instead, we experience “them in the rhythms in
nature, the motion of the planets, and the complexity of DNA.” Hence they are
subatomic matter. The weight of determining the dosha is on the way a person acts,
feels, thinks and speaks as opposed to how they look.
There are three doshas: Vata, Pita, Kapha. To know the client’s Dosha is important for
a treatment so that the 5 sense experience can be customized for the client’s
wellbeing and healing The Ayurvedic Esthetician relies heavily on the qurstionnaire
because it is used as the primary guide for determining the Dosha. The Vata Dosha is
defined by Air and Space, a place where all movement both involuntary and
voluntary are experienced. Characteristics like cold, light, dry, and irregular; mobile
subtle and rough belong to it. Pita is of fire, a place where every minutes
transformation in the body-mind-spirit occurs and originates from. Characteristics
are hot, warm, and forceful. Kapha is defined Water and Earth working together
towards lubrication and form. Characteristics are strength and moisture. g
705 MMGT (Asian Perspective)