A Balanced Literacy Program

You have been chosen as a new literacy coach for your school or school district. As a literacy coach you are responsible for all materials for the balanced literacy program. For this task, develop a handout about your balanced literacy program that is suitable for both teachers and parents. The handout must contain at least one graphic organizer. In addition to the handout, your principal – or one of the principals in the schools with which you are working – has asked you to compose a paper to be presented to the Superintendent that explains your balanced literacy program.

As part of your handout and paper,
• Explain the essential components of an effective literacy program
• Explain the meaning of literacy
• Explain the meaning of “balanced”
• Provide examples of specific types of activities that are part of the program
• Justify with research why these activities have been included
• Describe how the assessment practices in your program determine progress
• Address how the diverse population in your school will be served through this program