A Christmas Carol by Dickens

A Christmas Carol by Dickens

In the book “A Christmas Carol“ by Dickens, For each of the six symbols, write quotes
that describe it, Then think about the meaning of the symbol and explain its importance
for the novel.

Ghosts of Christmas, A Scrooge, Tiny Tim’s Crutches, Marley’s Chains, The Children,
Ebenezer Scrooge’s Headstone

Example: Symbol – Ghosts of Christmas,Stave 2

Quote – “What! Would you so soon put out, with worldly hands, the light I give?“
Meaning – The Ghost of Christmas Past reprimand Ebenezer Scrooge for being so
negative because he has bad memories. The Spirit encourage Scrooge to deal with the
pain and learn from his lessons-

Each symbol and should have five quotes from the book (with page number). Try to
limit the meaning for each quote to one sentence.

For each of the six types of conflict, describe scenes from the novel that match that
type. Person versus Person (five scenes), Person versus technology (one scene),
person versus nature (three scenes), person versus himself (four scenes), person
versus the smernatural (four scenes), person versus society (four scenes). Please try to
limit each scene to no more than two sentences.