A Class Divided

Video response

In a well-organized essay of 1 – 2 pages, discuss the following:

  1. What scene from this film do you think you’ll still remember a month from now and why?
  2. How did Elliott’s discrimination create no-win situations for those placed in the inferior group? How did she selectively interpret behavior to confirm the stereotypes she had assigned?
  3. How is the blue eyes/brown eyes exercise related to the Sioux prayer, “Help me not judge a person until I have walked in his shoes”?
  4. How did the adults react to Elliott’s experiment? Why do you think they acted this way? What would you have done?
  5. Should an activity like Elliot’s be done in schools today? Explain why or why not. What would you change about the lesson if you were to teach it in school (grade level, target, etc.) Why would you make these changes?