A comprehensive evaluation of an elderly client who does not have any chronic illness.

A comprehensive evaluation of an elderly client who does not have any chronic illness. please see description for further details.

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Cоmрrehensіve Evаluation Guidelines

Your scholarly paper is a comprehensive evaluation of an elderly client. You can select a client in any setting. This will be your scholarly paper for this class. It
should be submitted in APA format. Your references should not be greater than 5 years old. You must use scholarly references. Throughout your paper you should consider
age-related changes (physiological). Please do not write this paper as a health history as in health assessment classes this should be written as a narrative format.
It is worth 15% of your grade

Information to be included:
1. Give a brief history of the client, include the medical history, social history
2. Explain the individual’s acute or chronic medical issues. If the individual
has an acute medical problem, explain how it is exacerbated by the aging
process (physiologic age-related changes). If your client does not have any
medical concerns discuss how they are maintaining their health. Use rearch
to support your findings.
3. Review the medications that the individual is taking, including any over the
counter drugs. Are any of these drugs a problem? Many medications are
problems in the older adult. Explain the issues.
4. Explain the functional status? (ADL and IADL) What is their mobility and
ability to perform everyday activity? If there are any issues or concerns,
5. Look at the mental health and cognitive ability. Is there any impairment? Is
there a concern and if so is it being addresses? Also consider their daily
activities including social.
6. Evaluate the living situation. Is it a problem or potential problem? (living
alone, with family or a facility) Is it a problem or a good fit? Are there safety
issues or concerns? Explain. If you r client is from the hospital you should
be considering their home situation. How will it be impacted due to the
7. What are your recommendations to improve the quality of life for this
use a minimum of 5 resources (textbooks may be used but are not considered as the 5 resources., no more than 5 years old. Make use of journals, that is where your
most up-to-date information will be.