A differential analysis

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.A differential analysis

Complete the following questions using Microsoft Word or Excel, as appropriate. Review the grading rubric to confirm you are meeting the assignment requirements.

Boxx Corporation is considering the acquisition of new equipment. The equipment can be purchased from an overseas supplier for $8,500. The freight and installation costs for the equipment are $645. If purchased, annual repairs and maintenance are estimated to be $465 per year over the five-year useful life of the equipment. Alternatively, Boxx can lease the equipment from a domestic supplier for $2,200 per year for five years, with no additional costs.

Prepare a differential analysis to determine whether Boxx should lease (Alternative 1) or purchase (Alternative 2) the equipment.
Indicate specifically whether the company should lease or buy the equipment after completing the analysis. Explain.

2.“In a Rare U.S. Preserve, Water Pressures Mount as Development Closes In”

Read the article “In a Rare U.S. Preserve, Water Pressures Mount as Development Closes In” by Bruce Stutz in Yale Environment 360 (posted on Canvas under the Planning Fundamentals and Approaches module, and also linked to this test). Based on the information in this article, develop a situation analysis diagram for the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve that includes at least two coarse-scale (plant community or habitat) targets and two species targets, their direct threats and drivers of those threats.

3.Mass Communication

Are smartphones and tablets making PCs and TVs obsolete? Explain.
How has your smartphone changed your life for better? For worse?
Now that you can have a two-way wrist TV, what would you use it for?
Describe how a cell phone works so that a 12-year-old child could understand it.
What will your mobile phone be like in 2020?
What is the justification for taking spectrum away from television and giving it to mobile providers?
Now that you know your cell phone is a threat to your privacy, what will you do?

What were the uses and gratifications of each of the media you consumed yesterday?
What would you say is the most important effect the media has had on your life?
Using the media effects theory of your choice, explain the likely effects of your favorite video game or TV program.
Does political advertising have a positive or negative effect on elections? Why is that?
What career path do you expect to have in the information society?