A digital marketing plan to launch a digital business

The following post has two assignments,namely;

1. A digital marketing plan to launch a digital business

Provide a detailed digital marketing plan to support the first year of launch of this business – https://www.richcarsbangkok.net.Reflect a deep understanding of the market in which you’re competing, the target market that you’re trying to reach, together with the best digital marketing tactics and content marketing practices that will help you reach your marketing objectives.

2. Muted Group Theory

Provide a brief description of the theory as well as its relevant terms and concepts-
Include each of the following:

0 Accurately note both the research paradigm and theoretical tradition for your theory-
0 Explain how the relevant research tradition conceptualizes communication

0 Explain why the theory falls under that research paradigm.

0 Explain the ontological, epistemological and axiological assumptions of that

0 Explain what the theory claims, include its key terms.

0 Describe how the theory helps us understand human communication.

0 Explain strengths and weaknesses of the theory.