A Doll House

Doll House Research by Henrik Ibsen
Information about the Research Paper on A Doll House and the concept of “the problem play”

how to incorporate primary source examples *how to incorporate secondary source material
WHAT TO INCLUDE: Your introductory paragraph should skillfully and effectively incorporate the definitions/descriptions of the concept of “the problem play,” based on the two specialized weblink sources from Oxford and Carson-Newman in Course Information. Throughout the paper, there should be a balance between direct quotes and your own words (paraphrase) with appropriate documentation. The bulk of the research paper should discuss all the specific ways/instances/examples of how the play A Doll House illustrates and exemplifies the concept of “the problem play.” The most effective approach is to specifically connect aspects of the problem play to actual illustrations from A Doll House all the way through the paper. Above all, this paper is NOT biographical. In other words, there should not be anything about Ibsen’s background, nor his personal life, etc. The paper deals solely with the play A Doll House and the concept of “problem play.” Overall, be sure to have a fairly even balance between the following:
examples from the play A Doll House (brief quotes and paraphrases—documented)
secondary source material (just the definitions/descriptions of “problem play” from the two weblinks).

If there are places in your paper where you can effectively use any of the ELEMENTS we have studied this semester, such as aspects of characterization, irony, etc., then you should include them. Do not “force” the use of these ELEMENTS, but weave them into the discussion.