A food safety issue handled in a ‘media environment’

Topic: A food safety issue handled in a ‘media environment’
*Notes: the research must talk about only one food issue in Ireland*

Scope: The student will prepare a press release on a crisis situation in food safety. He/she will identify the nature of that crisis and the role he/she will play as part of the crisis.
-The press release will be seen as a holding statement or introductory remarks identifying the crisis to the public. This release should be about 250 words and should be written using the appropriate writing from for a press release. The student may include whatever he/she may wish in order to flesh out the scenario.
-No less than one week later (but in ‘scenario time ‘, shortly after the press release is published), the student will enter a television study where he/she will be interview by a report about the crisis and what is being done to resolve it in a way designed to convince and inform the public.

Scope: (i) A food safety crisis has just struck your organization, and you must prepare:
(a) A press release will identify the crisis, and address public concerns. It should use an appropriate writing form, layout and structure.
(b) A separate one- page ‘Notes to Editor’ outlining the nature of the crisis, your role within the organization, and whatever additional information you decide will help to develop the scenario.

(ii) You should also prepare an internal document for management in which you:
(a) Use Grunig’s theory to identify and priorities the public with whom you must communicate. Explain your reasons for prioritising these publics.
(b) Use either Stocker’s 4Rs or coombes’ Crisis Response Strategy to justify your strategic approach to managing the crisis.
Length: Press release 250 words
Notes to Editor 250 words
Document for management 800-1000 words