A League of their own Reaction Paper for an General Arts Class.

Please Carefully do the assignments by following the steps in the guidelines below. Follow the step carefully because it is a hard teacher and the reaction paper needs to be perfect. each paragraph should contain at least 30 sentences. a textbook entitled “Sport and Film(Frontiers of Sport° needs to be used and watch the movie “A League of their own’ or the summary or whatever comfortable to get the assignment perfectly fine. Here is the link to the movie summary and the instructions about the paper are given in the uploaded files. No cover sheets are needed. and the page should be 1 spacing. Thank you. https://en.wikipeclia.org/wiki/A_League_of_Their_Own

Required: use the textbook or research about truth that tell lies.
Key concepts: Gender as a construct, Hegemonic & Patriarchal Power Structures, Female Character Tropes, Gender Assumptions, Social Consequences to Heterogeneous Behaviors, Beauty Standards, Rural/Small Town & Pastoral Nostalgia, “Sister” Relationships, Truths That Tell Lies, American Dream, Helpful References: “Sport and Film” Text Chapter 5 and Film Worksheet

This section highlights the concepts of different genders experience different social rules around sport participation. Since SPORT as we know it today was a creation to define and security masculinity, what happens when women (or non-binary gender individuals) participate in sport? Using critical analysis and the concepts we have reviewed in class, please answer the following questions below as a reflection essay. Use specific examples from the film “A League of Their Own”, direct media examples and your own personal experiences to justify your analysis.

I. Create a “Listicle” Article to show differences and/or inequities you see when a non-male gendered individuals participate in sport. (NOTE: Definition of Listicle, noun, a piece of writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list. Example: BuzzFeed Articles)
A. Your Listicle must feature 5 specific examples of social or cultural differences for Non-Male Athletes
B. Provide link or photo to specific news stories not associated with “A League of Their Own”
C. You may use specific examples of your own experiences (when applicable) when social rules & norms differed by gender
D. At least one of your listicle examples must be in reference to Men maintaining Beauty Standards for Women
E. At least one of your listicle examples must be in reference to Women maintaining Beauty Standard to other Women

Technical Guidelines
• Listicle Format – 5 separate 1 Paragraph Examples
• 3-4 page limit
• 11 or 12 point font in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman
• No larger than 1.5” spacing in paragraph and Margins 1” or less
• No Cover Sheets Needed