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A management meeting for 12 section managers is due to be held on Tuesday, 24 November commencing at 9.30 am and finishing at 4.00 pm. The CEO of the company will attend. You have been asked to chair the meeting. The meeting is usually held in the boardroom at the company’s offices but this room is unavailable. It will be necessary to make alternative arrangements. Two of the managers will be coming from interstate to attend in person, while three will participate via Skype. A guest speaker will show a video and talk on technological changes for the new financial year. Lunch will be catered for on the premises. In the afternoon, the participants will divide into three groups to develop ideas and consider their strategic needs for the upcoming year. They will then reconvene and share their ideas with the other groups. Write out a well structured meeting plan to ensure that all the preparations for the meeting will be correctly organised. The plan should take into consideration all aspects of the meeting, including personnel, timing and structure