A military history of the United States from 1607 to 2012

Discuss Nathanael Greene’s southern campaign. Why do some historians view Greene as being second only to Washington in importance in winning the war? Your response must be a minimum of 500 words.

How were the American colonies (United States) able to defeat Great Britain in the War for Independence? Be sure to identify the innovations and tactics used by the colonial army and militia. How
did the leadership of George Washington contribute to this victory? Your response must be a minimum of 500 words

The extent to which technological innovation has disrupted an industry sector in digital display industry

With reference to the academic literature and using appropriate examples critically evaluate the extent to which technological innovation has disrupted an industry sector of your choice (OLED in
digital display industry)

1. The concept of disruptive technological innovation (600 words)
(This part should incorporate Clayton Christensen’s work on Disruption within the essay, but do not just cite Clayton Christensen’s work)
First, introduce what is disruptive technological innovation
Second, explain the characteristics of disruptive technological innovation: first, the existing market has low sensitive to disruptive innovation; second, disruptive innovation develops rapidly
with low quality and high price in the primary stage; third, disruptive technological innovation applies to start-ups.(the words about three characteristics should be paraphrased)
Third, illustrate how disruptive technological innovation influence industry: first, disruptive technological innovation would disturb existing market; second, disruptive technological innovation
would change the market landscape; third, the socio-emotional system would be evolving with the help of disruptive technological innovation. (the words about three influences should be paraphrased)

2. disruptive technological innovation in the digital display industry (1200 words)
Currently, most of manufacturers still use LCD display.
First, introduce the LCD display and OLED display and their industry status.And advance an argument that shows that OLED technology either is or isn’t a disruptive innovation.
Second, OLED display disrupts the smart phone display
Third, OLED display disrupts the television display
Thus, OLED will disrupt the digital industry. It will surpass LCD in performance and occupy the high-end market.

3. The limitations of OLED
First, the limitations of OLED (300 words)
Second, how to minimise the shortcomings (300 words)