A New Luxury Hotel for Ko Olina

In Ko Olina, there were two remaining beachfront parcels, and Jeff Stone was looking for hotel operators to fill these spots, but was he looking at just any hotels?

What would fit into Ko Olina’s portfolio?

We know that Atlantis is filling the parcel between Aulani and Ko Olina Beach Resort, but what about the parcel between Ko Olina Beach Resort and Marriott Vacation Club? There has been talk that even that parcel will be split in two so we could see two new hotels?

After learning about luxury tourism last week, 3 case studies focused on The Peninsula, Banyan Tree, and Shangri-la.

Describe a luxury hotel brand (just like the case studies) that we do not have operating in Hawaii that would fit into Ko Olina or another luxury resort area in Hawaii (or for those of you not in Hawaii, you may choose luxury resort area you are familiar with.)


You can incorporate the answers to these 3 questions into your 2-3 page assignment.

  1. What are the luxury elements in The _ brand?
  2. What are the success factors of _ ?
  3. Can you suggest some strategies for _ to be differentiated from other hotel groups in Hawaii?”