A Quasi-Experimental Study Examining the Safety Profile and Comfort Provided by Two Different Blanket Temperatures

1. What is the RATIONALE for the study (this is the reason they conducted the study; e.g., to address a health issue, quality of care issue, etc.)?

2. What is the PURPOSE for the study?

3. Describe the SUBJECTS (number of participants, inclusion and exclusion criteria). What type of sampling was used?

4. Describe the SETTING.

5. Explain RECRUITMENT procedures.

6. Describe the study METHODS:
a. What measures were used? Was there evidence of validity and/or reliability for any of the measures? When were the measurements taken (e.g., pre-test, post-test __ months later)?

b. What was the research design? Please draw the design notation.

c. Identify the independent and dependent variables

7. What statistical tests were performed?

8. Summarize the primary RESULTS of the study.

9. Describe key points highlighted in the DISCUSSION/IMPLICATIONS section.

10. What LIMITATIONS were mentioned? Should any additional limitations be mentioned that were not listed? Explain.