A report for the new Mayor of Atlanta

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BACKGROUND: The City of Atlanta Watershed (AWS) Department has been the subject of numerous articles in local newspapers and on local television stations due to mismanagement, theft, fraud, management and employee misconduct. You should do an internet search (Atlanta Watershed Department AND Theft; Atlanta Watershed Department AND Fraud; and Atlanta Water Department AND employee misconduct) to get an idea of the ongoing problems which this department has had during the past 10 years. Employees have been arrested for fraud, theft, bribery, and have also been the subject of internal disciplinary action for failure to work, etc. The department was in the news on multiple occasions during 2014 and 2015 as approximately thirty 700 pound water pumps disappeared as well as an $80,000 backhoe. In addition employees were terminated due to criminal activity and/or employment issues. A scathing investigative audit was publicly released by the City of Atlanta Audit Department in September 2014 regarding security and inventory controls. The AWD was the subject of prior audits by the City of Atlanta all of which had substantial findings. In early 2015 several additional employees were fired and arrested as they sold stolen AWSD property to metal recyclers. On or about January 7, 2016 several past and present employees of the AWS filed a lawsuit in Fulton County against the City of the Atlanta due to searches of employee vehicles. The vehicle searches when leaving the workplace were authorized by management due to rampant thefts and missing AWS property. On 5/20/2016 the head of the AWSD was removed by the Mayor of Atlanta. Local news media reported her termination was due to management missteps and questionable international travel. Many documents, news articles, and summary sections of audit documents have been placed on Blackboard for your assistance with this project. Recently the AWS, has again been in the paper and has been linked to other corruption investigations involving the former Mayor of Atlanta and City employees. You must incorporate this information into your paper and provided citations to specific documents. ASSIGNMENT: You are employed as a high level manager by the City of Atlanta in their Human Resources Department. Due to your exceptional work history and problem solving skills, the former Mayor of Atlanta and the HR Director assigned you to work at the AWSD. Your assignment was to review the AWSD, its policies, practices, and personnel which have contributed to the recurring incidents of mismanagement, fraud, theft, and lack of accountability. You must now reiterate suggestions you believe are required; however, you must also address the ethical culture which exists at the highest levels in both the City of Atlanta and the AWSD and provided guidance for improving it. You are to prepare a report for the new Mayor of Atlanta which identifies problems, possible causes of those problems, and solutions. You are to prepare a comprehensive plan with your specific recommendations to address the recurring deficiencies at the AWSD. This would include strategic goals; review of future needs (personnel and equipment); recruitment/staffing/selection methods for employees and managers; orientation and training for new employees; training programs for current employees; and management training; security initiatives (to include enhanced inventory controls); management of employees and their work; disciplinary initiatives if warranted, etc. You are to include positive business concepts to address attitudes, behavior, and to facilitate employee and management engagement.