A review on movie Gully boy

Describe the thematic trends that dominated Bollywood films in the 1990s. What were the specific historical, cultural, and/or economic trends that inspired these changes?
Find in Ganti and dwyer but its all in Ganti
Technology has influenced many changes in the Indian film industry. Mention a few of these changes briefly (see especially references in Ganti chapters 1 and 2) and then present in more detail the one technological change which you believe had the most significant impact on the industry.
Choose one
And then explain sound or multiplex
Anjum Rajabali says that relationships were the distinctive feature of the Indian approach to storytelling (Ganti 170). What does she mean? From your knowledge of Bollywood, is this true? Give specific examples to substantiate your answer.

Describe in detail the early genres of Bollywood film (the mythological, devotional, and historical). To which audiences did each type appeal? How does Jai Santoshi Maa fit into this typology?

Write a review on movie Gully boy