A Safe Learning Environment

Safe learning environments are vital aspects of students’ learning experiences. Students who do not feel safe or who feel suppressed are not capable of learning to their potential.
For this week’s assignment. write a two-page paper addressing the following questions:
With regards to reading instruction, how would you establish a safe learning environment in the classroom? Consider small group versus whole class instruction. What are the characteristics of each of these instruction modes? Would you utilize small group or whole class instruction in your safe environment? Provide reasons for your answer. Be sure to follow proper APA formatting and citation.:
Required Reading:
Make sure you read the book “Direct Instruction Reading” by Carnine, Chapter 3: “Classroom Reading Instruction”. I believe you guys have a copy of the book on file via eBook through Amazon.
Back, L. T.; Polk, E.; Keys, C. B.; McMahon, S. D. (2006). Classroom management, school staff relations, school climate, and academic achievement: testing a model with urban high schools. Learning Environments Research 19 (3): pp. 397-410. Journal articles are available as digital reserves at the Armacost LibraryThis link opens in a new tab.