A Study of successful e-commerce marketing strategy in the case of Taobao

A Study of successful e-commerce marketing strategy in the case
of Taobao

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This is research structure:

Table of Contents

Your abstract should include:
1. Objective of the paper
2. What research method did you adopt? Quantitative or qualitative
research method?
3. The research results.
4. 3 or 5 key words
I. Introduction
1.1 Significance of the research
1.2 Objective of the research
1.3 Structure of the research
II. Literature Review…………
2.1 Domestic researchers’ view about the topic
2.2 International researchers’ view about the topic
2.3 Research gaps
2.4 Derived Research questions
III. Research method…………
3.1. Adopted research method (what method you are going to use?)
3.2 Research design (how to collect your data, interview or
questionnaire? Or second hand data?
How to design the questions?)
3.3 Data collection (How to mail you questionnaire or to do interview
or collect the second hand data?
Through internet, mail or other way?)
IV. Data Analysis……………
V. Conclusion…………………
5.1 Research result (contribution or finding)
5.2 Research limitation
5.3 Future research

I have completed some part which Abstract has been completed but
please revise this part for me also due to you might need to check the
plagiarism percentage on this part. Besides, I would like to have
plagiarism report for the work. My abstract is below:

Topic: A Study of successful e-commerce marketing strategy in the case
of Taobao.
Abstract: Nowadays the internet has become an important role in our
life and it
influences all generations. With the strong development of internet in
China, the
number of internet users shopping online increase. Shopping online via
the internet
not only provides connivence and benefits to the people, but also
bring the new
platform of the Internet economy. As all above said, Taboo is the
fastest growing and
most successful C2C e-commerce in China. It has become the largest
domestic C2C
e-commerce model. Therefore, this quantitative research titled ” The
E-commerce marketing strategy in the case of Taobao” mainly explores
what the
marketing strategies applied in this successful E-commerce business
and any other
factors implemented. The survey will be employed in order to collect
the data.
By strategic analysis tools, the findings will be analyzed in terms of
the Taobao’s
development status and marketing situation as well as its main
competitors with a
view of the competitive advantage of Taobao micro and macro
The findings will be shown in statistical ways by SPSS. This research
is hoped to be a
reference for the companies and organizations to apply these marketing
strategies to
run their businesses successfully.
Key words: E-commerce, internet, marketing strategy, online business

For Methodology part, please use SPSS program to analyse the data as
it required by university. I have also sent you for the sample
help me to create the questionnaire first due to we will need to
collect the data for findings part which I will collect the data
myself but in case that I cannot complete all number of respondents
for 200 then I will need your help to make up the answer for
respondent in excel to get data to analyze in SPSS program. Please
send me a draft chapter by chapter whenever you complete it then I can
see whether the work has been in line with my abstract or not. Please
add some graphs/ tables/ pie charts in finding part as good presenting
on the report.