A Study of the Impact of Employee Satisfaction

A Study of the Impact of Employee Satisfaction

Order Description

“A Study of the Impact of Employee Satisfaction” in some company.

The first part is done and the second part is about questionnaire analysis.

The sample questionnaire is attached and what is required is to create an analysis of sample data of 100 employees.

The selected tool for the analysis should be thematic analysis (please Google it if it’s not clear). This method is based on analyzing the content collected from the
primary and secondary resources and then to analyze the information based on their thematic construction. This method of analysis is focused on the extraction of
information from the responses of research participants and then analyzing these responses with the theoretical support from the secondary data.

It should include analysis for all the questions and the data should be presented with tables and graphs. The tables should be explained with the implications of
statistics in the study (for each question in the questionnaire) and support the implications with literature and literature should be derived from academic journal

Please note that:
1- The primary data is based on Managers interview questions and answers.
2- The sampling data is based on questionnaire answers of the 100 employees.

The requirements:
– Introduction (Analysis of the questionnaire)
– Analysis of the questionnaire (8 pages)
– Recommendation (1 page only): should be based on Interview part + Questionnaire analysis part.