ABC Financials is an upcoming financial service and consulting firm located in New York City.

ABC Financials is an upcoming financial service and consulting firm located in New York City.

So, don’t expect high pay. ABC Financials started with a very small team, just two classmates partnering a venture about 3 years ago. Since then, several people have come on board. Currently this company has around 130 employees. ABC management foresees a dramatic growth in near future and decided to design a computer network from scratch to enhance the effectiveness of operations and support future growth.
Further the company also realizes that consulting services require the use of information (applications, knowledge) from the company databases. Lately ABC consultants have noticed an increase in travel and the need for remotely accessing the applications and information in addition to the normal access from their offices in the building. The company has the usual functional departments such as Accounting, Marketing, and Finance etc. ABS Financials have two newly constructed buildings with no networks in place that look as follows:

So, your task is to provide a network for this building based on some assumptions
•    Assume that this is a two-storied building and there are two such buildings in a complex. The two building are 500 feet away with each other.
•    Both floors have exactly same layout.
•    Office buildings have closet rooms, stairwells, etc.
•    You must provide remote Internet access to some of the servers that store customer information which is essential for ABC Financials consultant for consultation works.
•    All computer systems in the offices of the two building should be all connected with intranet. Also they must be connected to the Internet
•    Employees and infrastructural components (such as servers, routers, switches, prints etc) are going to be located in the floor plan.

Please make assumptions regarding the location of the different functional areas of the company with minimum 5 functional departments and 130 employees in total. Design a network that will work for the company. Before a physical implementation can be done, the management would like to know how much it is going to cost for the company to have this network in place. Please also include a section on ongoing maintenance cost.

1. Report
Your report should be logically organized. Use outlines, bold, italics, or underlining in aconsistent manner to organize your report and emphasize main ideas or key terms. It should contain the following sections:
a. List of hardware, software, equipment, wires etc., and their functions
b. Topology and Cabling Diagram
c. Design of IP allocation for both Intranet and Internet.
d. Location of hubs, wireless access points, repeaters, switches, firewalls, routers, servers etc. – provide network diagrams (summarized and detailed as you see fit).
e. Discussion on capabilities and weaknesses of the infrastructure and or design.
f. Budget – Initial cost (make reference or site link to check cost)
g. Budget – Maintenance Cost. (Assume that you are going to hire an IT manager andthree technicians to maintain the network and applications). Please include details on the type of people you would hire and their qualifications, salary, etc.
h. All references should be meticulously documented as a separate reference section at the end of the group project.
i. The group project should include a section that summarizes each group member’s contribution for the group project. It should be attached after the reference section.

Further, you can make assumptions regarding missing details as necessary. Your report must include a page describing the assumptions that you have made. The final deliverable has to be persuasive and easy to understand so that the CEO of ABC Financials can cut the check to pursue this project.


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