Academic Argument

Ultimately, each of your fields tackles matters of importance – this is why they exist. The authority figures observe a problem that requires a solution, and they strive to diagnose and solve the matter using methods specific to your discipline.
Purpose/Project Sequence
This assignment asks you to dig into a significant public issue relevant to your field. The goal is to enter an academic conversation relevant to your discourse community by summarizing major viewpoints and responding to them with your own informed argument.

The purpose of this project is to develop a deeper understanding of your field and of academic argumentation. You will be asked to complete the following concrete steps:
1) Select any issue of interest that is relevant to your field (e.g., Public Health majors may tackle the recent romaine lettuce e. coli outbreak; Psychology majors may look into depression; etc.);
2) Research at least three “voices” in the debate that will contribute to your paper. These must be written articles composed by qualified professionals/scholars in your field. Two must disagree, and the third must fall somewhere in between;
3) Write a 3+ page paper contextualizing the matter for your reader before taking a stance that is supporting by additional reasoning;
4) Include a Works Cited page at the end.

The argument you select can literally be any issue you want, as long as it is relevant to your major. The texts you choose should come from academic journals from your discipline, credible news publications, or government agencies. Do not use local news, videos, or surface-level information, such as Wikipedia,, or other “pop” information sites.

Write in the register, tone, and voice of an academic who is trying to enter the discourse with other scholars.