Academic Essay

Students are required to read the following peer reviewed journal article. Ameer, R., & Othman, R. (2012). Sustainability Practices and Corporate Financial Performance: A Study Based on the Top Global Corporations. Journal of Business Ethics, 108(1), 61-79. Students are then asked to write a word Academic Essay answering the following topic question “Critically evaluate the business case for the use of ethics and social responsibility to guide business decisions by outlining recent peer reviewed scholarly literature such as Ameer & Othman (2012). Does the scholarly literature support the use of ethics and social responsibility in the current global business environment?” Students are expected to demonstrate the critical thinking skills they have developed in tutorial (Zoom sessions for Distance students) to assess evidence and put forward an argument regarding the use of ethics and social responsibility in the global and local business environment. This assessment will develop the use of critical thinking by the student. The student will then be asked to demonstrate their critical thinking skills via communicating in a written piece of work to a business standard in Australia. A business standard means an appropriate structure (introduction, body and conclusion), length, word choice, expression, grammar, punctuation and correct spelling using Australian English. The use of colloquial language is generally discouraged in business communication. Students will further demonstrate critical thinking and information literacy skills by including 8 peer reviewed scholarly journals to support their argument to pass this criteria in their ‘Reference List’. Students will demonstrate their communication skills by using the third person passive writing style. Students will be asked on this occasion not to use diagrams/pictures in their Academic Essay. This will give further opportunity to demonstrate intermediate communication written skills. added