Academic Journal Article Review

Academic Journal Article Review

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1:Academic Journal Article Review #4

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Historians love to review the works of other historians. Whenever a new history book is written, the historical profession selects experts in particular fields of studies to determine the value and contribution the new work will have on the academic discipline. Upon completion of the course’s reading, each student will be considered an expert and be required to read an academic article. Students are encouraged to celebrate the author’s accomplishments, but also challenge anything that seems substandard. Style and creativity play a crucial role in the success of your review.

The author’s purpose in writing the article
The author’s main thesis
The author’s challenging of other historical viewpoints
The evidence utilized by the author (specifically primary sources)
Personal likes/dislikes
How could the author make the work stronger?
The recommended audience for the article?
Explain how this article contributes to understanding the history of the United States
An example of how this article supports/contradicts Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty
Suggested reading to accompany this work (not required, but helpful)

2:The Effects of family violence on Children’s Mental Health

Order Description

three to five-page paper


? Create an abstract for your final paper in this course

? Create an annotated bibliography using five peer reviewed journal references that are no more than 5 years old that support your final research paper for this course

Everything should be in 6th edition APA format

3:What are the Effects of Violent Video Games on Children and Adolescents