Action Learning Project – NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority) -NYCT Department of Subways (DOS)

  1. Considering the various organizational behavior content you have learned (both individual and group), structure, and processes — including analysis –
  2. create a presentation (I will make the slides) that outlines the Key Issues and Recommendations that need to be addressed.I will share the details of the Business Challenge for you, also I will share the textbook of Organization Behavior for you too. PS: I am only responsible for NYCT Department of Subways (DOS), which is the first one of three departments at NYCTA. Please pay highly attention to this assignment since I am gonna use what you’re gonna do for me and do my final presentation. Please read thoroughly and write thoughtfully for all the things needed to address. Please go to google and do some research as well because we need some data to support our project. Thank you so much and if you have question, reach me anytime!