Adaption of The Actor’s Nighmare

Read the full script of “The actor’s nightmare” by Christopher Durang. The essay should include the playwright and the ideas for an adaptation. It means, if we adapt the script to a film script which is happening in our generation. The adaption part can be a synopsis of an outline or a scene. I prefer a scene. Exploring the adaptation process: Which aspect of the storytelling do you respond to the most? The characters? style? plot? theme? Or do you respond to more than one aspect? Why do you think you responded the way you did? How would you adapt this play into a contemporary film? The answer to this question will be the content of the second part of the essay. And the essay should thoroughly and insightfully answer the following questions: What is the plot of your film version? How is the structure of your film version similar or dissimilar to that of the play? Did you include all of the “important” parts? If not, how does this change your story? Where is your film placed? Which characters did you keep? Di you eliminate any? What about the dialogue – did you alter it in any way? How will the actors performing in your film portray your characters? What is their acting style and how do they deliver the dialogue? How does your film end in comparison to the play? What sort of “message” does your ending sen to the film viewer? Conclude by determining which form has a more powerful storytelling impact for the particular story being told.