ADDIE Method

In this lesson, you have learned about how adults learn and how their motivation and readiness to learn affects training design and delivery. You have also learned about the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) training model.

In this project, you will apply your new knowledge by designing a comprehensive ADDIE–style lesson plan for introductory leadership training in a company of your choice.


Analysis, Design, Evaluation and Lesson Documents illustrating each phase of the ADDIE process – minimum 1,000 words of total content (Submit in one Word Document.)
Activity Details

Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Review.

Review the ADDIE Model that you have learned in this lesson.

Step 2: Select a company.

Select a company with which you are familiar and design a training plan for introductory leadership training for the organization.

Step 3: Prepare documents illustrating each step of the ADDIE process.

Based on your review of the ADDIE Model and any applicable readings in the lesson, ANALYZE the need for introductory leadership training in the selected organization, DESIGN the training, DEVELOP a lesson plan, describe your IMPLEMENTATION plans, create an EVALUATION for the training. Include the following:

Overview the ADDIE training model.
Describe your ANALYSIS – the need for introductory leadership training and who will be trained, student characteristics, etc.
DESIGN the training–instructional, visual, technical strategies
DEVELOPMENT–assemble content, learning outcomes, modes of training, lesson plan, etc.
IMPLEMENTATION–Discuss an implementation plan for the training, how you will train the facilitators and present the training to students, etc.
EVALUATION–Discuss how the training will be evaluated, formative and summative, including student feedback.
Use these writing guidelines:

Include a cover page and references in addition to your required page count.
Use correct APA format.
Double-space text.
Use size 12 Times New Roman.
Use section headings to organize. (optional)
Indent paragraphs.
Include in-text citations as appropriate.
Use correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure and verb tense.