Addressing an issue in Quality and Safety for Junior Doctors

Identify an issue in quality and safety of relevance to junior doctors that you will explore. The issue may be of broad relevance to health professionals, but your presentation should focus on it from the perspective of junior doctors and be aimed at an audience of junior doctors. You are also encouraged to use examples from and draw on resources used in your clinical placement site.

When we refer to “issues” in quality and safety in healthcare, we are usually concerned with factors that may undermine the delivery of best care to patients and which may increase the risk of harm to patients. In exploring an issue, please do not focus on ethical or legal aspects, but rather on risk management, barriers to best practice care, and so on.

Examples of broad topics that could be refined for use in this assessment task include:
• Prescribing in hospitals
• Prevention and control of infection in the healthcare setting
• Workload issues
• Mental health issues
• Communication issues
• Risk management issues
• Role modeling issues
• Competency issues