Advanced Auditing Theory

1.What was the problem facing Richard Bennett (if any)?
2.Do you agree with Bennett’s assessment of the problem he faced? Explain why you agree or disagree with him.
3.What were Richard Bennett’s options for dealing with the problem? Identify how Bennett might have applied each of several ethical theories to his problem situation.
4.What was Richard Bennett’s responsibility to his subordinates in assuring an ethical work environment? In your opinion, what ethical theory might have been his motivation for creating an ethical work environment?
5.Did Joseph Fowler have a conflict of interest in his situation? If so, describe the conflict of interest. Do you think he could have fulfilled his fiduciary duties to both Centurion Media and Northpark? Explain the reason for your answer. In your opinion, what might have motivated Fowler’s actions?
6.Centurion’s corporate general counsel, Tom Watson, told Bennett there was no problem with the contract between Centurion and Northpark. In your opinion, can a contract be legally valid but also unethical?
7.What motives might be inferred for Chuck Reilly’s actions regarding the Northpark contract? In your opinion, what ethical theories best describe the basis for his actions?
8.Did Vicki Porter face an ethical dilemma? If so, identify her options for dealing with the dilemma and what ethical theories apply to each option.