Advanced Nursing Roles

Advanced Nursing Roles

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Self-Directed Learning Plan

advised that the Self Directed Learning Plan is a template form and is attached in addition to this. Please use the Self Directed Learning Plan template in addition to these directions to help you with the paper.The template will guide you to develop the paper. In addition, a sample of the template filled out is also provided to give you an idea. Please DO NOT copy the sample. The paper should be in essay format with just a couple of references.
It’s important to develop your professional goals and how you achieve them in this course (Advanced Nursing Roles) and your chosen program (Adult Gerontology Nurse Practioner).
To prepare your SDLP(template) for the review, complete the steps outlined below.
After exploring the course description (see below), course outcomes (see below), and unit themes and outcomes, complete your SDLP(template) for this course. Not all courses will directly impact your strengths or your areas of development.
What do you expect to learn in this course that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals? You are encouraged to reflect earnestly about how the course content and experience might serve your goals, as well as about what you might proactively do in the course to develop in your target areas.
If you have determined there are additional areas from which you would benefit, or areas you would like to replace, this is a good time to do so. Remember, this is your learning plan, so design it to help you achieve your unique goals.
This Assignment will be graded based on evidence of thoughtful development of your SDLP(template).

This course explores skills and strategies essential to successful advanced nursing role implementation. Analysis of existing and emerging roles provides a foundation for selection of an individual advanced role specialization and an individual career development plan. Emphasis will be on developing articulation of issues specific to the advanced nurse role in practice, administration, education, and informatics.
Course Outcomes:By the end of this course, you should be able to:
MN501-1: Compare and contrast advanced nursing roles their interaction with other health care providers in collaborative practice models.
MN501-2: Investigate the vision and goals for the future of nursing and advanced practice nursing.
MN501-3: Develop an advanced professional plan for career goals and lifelong learning.
MN501-4: Develop a summary of knowledge, skills, and accomplishments that prepare a graduate student for an advanced nursing role.
MN501-5: Project novel roles for advanced practice related to emerging health care trends and needs.

Grading Rubric
Clearly established an achievable, professional goal.
Clearly described at least 3 Knowledge, Skills and Accomplishments that will prepare a graduate for an advanced nursing role.
For this course, completed at least 3 Strengths and aligned to Course Learning Goals and Course Outcomes and Assessments.
Described at least 1 area to develop in this course and aligned it to the course learning goals and outcomes and assessment
Provided a 300 word reflection.
No grammar, word usage or punctuation errors. Overall style is consistent with professional work.

Textbook Information

Title:               Advanced Nursing Practice: An innovative approach (5th ed.)
Author:           Hamric, Spross, Hanson
ISBN:              9781455739806
Publisher:      Elsevier