Advanced Project Management


this assignment is for abe, level 6 diploma, Harvard referencing is required, word limit should be 4000.
the assignment is attached, all 4 tasks must be completed . please put Harvard references according to the tasks.

Advanced Project Management
General overview – word count
The recommended word count for this assignment is 4,000 words (-/+ 10% tolerance, i.e. your submission should not be less than 3,600 words and no more than 4,400 words). Please be aware that markers are instructed to stop marking when the maximum word count is reached. NOTE – your Table of Contents, all Appendices and the References list are all excluded from the overall word count.
Choose a local or international organisation with which you are familiar. All of your answers must be based on this organisation. You must be able to easily obtain the required background information to enable you to respond to the Tasks. In answering the Tasks, you should assume the role of an experienced consultant hired by the Board.
Select a major project within your chosen organisation, i.e. a construction planning project, a project to organise major event, a project to introduce new software etc…
You must base your answers on this project.
You must provide a one-page summary of background information on your chosen organisation and project (200- 250 words). This must include:
▪ Sector of the organisation
▪ Size of organisation
▪ Main markets where it operates (geographical locations)
▪ Examples of products and services
▪ Key competitors
▪ Main customer segments
▪ Outline of the project
In addition to the above, you can include any other information which might be useful for the marker to help them understand the context of your answers. Your organisation summary is not included in the overall word count.
NOTE – The organisation summary must be completed and must accompany the submission otherwise the assessment cannot be marked.

Assignment tasks Task 1 25 marks 875 words
Critically discuss how the organisation’s structure might impact on the success of the project you have chosen. Task 2 25 marks 875 words
Argue why leadership is more effective than management for the successful completion of the project within your chosen organisation, recommending attributes, behaviour and style that should be demonstrated by the project leader. Task 3 25 marks 875 words
A budget is an integral part of project management.
Critically discuss the key considerations in proposing the budget for the project you have selected Task 4 25 marks 875 words
Critically evaluate the role of partnerships in project management in the context of your selected project, recommending methods for resolving potential conflicts that might arise within the partnership.