Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Networking.

Research Paper and PowerPoint Presentation topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Networking. PowerPoint Presentation (10 sides,) PowerPoint presentation must include an Introduction/Objective and a Summary/Conclusion slides. In order to simplify the PowerPoint presentation, it will not mandatory to include the citations. A slide with all the references will suffice. Research Paper 8 pages not including the works cited section. APA formatting must be used, along with proper citations in APA format. A total of 7 references should be submitted; at least seven (4) reputable scholarly sources will be cited, and at least three (3) of those will be non-electronic, print sources. The citation of online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, is prohibited, although other reputable online sources, such as homepages of software or hardware manufacturers, are fine and will probably prove useful for very current information, as long the appropriate citations are included. 1 You really don’t need to access the classroom but just in case you do: Follow instructions under school can be found at. School Library access can be found When you get to the Course window before entering the class room. 2 Access course book see below. 1 School can be found at In the upper right side click on my.SaintLeo This will take you to sign in In the next window on the right side of the screen click on LionsSHARE From here its going to ask for user name and pass word again. Next window left side of the screen click on Courses Next window click on Network Theory & Design COM-309-OLO1 2 To access to course book. The book that is for this class is Data Communications and Computer Networks If you have any questions you can email call of text me.