Advertisements for a new espresso maker

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Advertisements for a new espresso maker

Advertisements for a new espresso maker claim that by increasing the temperature of the water pushed
through the coffee grounds that it can significantly increase the concentration of caffeine in the resulting

Describe an experiment that would provide strong evidence for evaluating this claim. Strong essays are
generally between 300 and 500 words in length and include several references.

2. Racialized Masculinities

‘I. How is the zoot suit and the lifestyle associated with the clothing representative of political acts of
resistance and why does Malcolm X renounce his years as a zoot suiter?

2. What are the fundamental differences in the masculinities of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy? 00 these
differences make either comedian’s masculinity more or less politically salient?

3. Why is a built body central to ideological constructions of imperialism and colonial conquest?

4. Contrast the masculine representations of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Which is more politically salient and
why? I might also suggest that you take some time while you are reading over the next two weeks to view the
comedy of Pryor and Murphy. clips of peplum films. and clips of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan from YouTube so
that you have some idea of what the authors are referring to.