Advertising Assessment



Choose a television/visual advertisement that has caught your attention. The ad will need to convey identifiable values in some manner. Consider the product being marketed through the ad and the
values conveyed through the product. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis that addresses the following: Name of the product being advertised The target audience for the product How placement of
the advertisement is intended to reach the audience being targeted Frame-­by-­frame desсrіption of the visual and aural action taking place in the ad. What aspects of the ad are meant to catch the
audience′s attention? Values being communicated through the advertisement. What values does the company support? (You will need to research the company′s website and publicity documents, such as
newspapers to find information about the company′s values.) How the company′s values are reflected in the advertisement. Discuss the use of appeals used in the ad. The social context of the ad. How
does the cultural context of the advertisement affect the targeted audiences′ perceptions about the product?