Afghanistan Civil War

Afghanistan Civil War

Project description
Editorial Assignment: All students must write an original opinion column on a current event re- lated to war and peace. This opinion column should develop a thoughtful

critical analysis of the event. The paper should thus be modeled as an opinion column in any major newspaper. It is thus advisable that students engage themselves with

current international events and news. We will also be reading some of these throughout the semester. When we do, these will be distributed during class. I will also

post a link on BB following the class in which they are distributed. Please do not email me and ask for the link. Excellent sources of news and examples of op-ed

columns can be found through any reputable news outlet; BBC, NYT, WP, etc.
This opinion column should be 1000 – 1500 words and may be submitted anytime during the semester up until Tuesday, 25 November at 5pm. Hard copies should be turned in

during class, office hours, or slipped under my office door. The editorial will constitute 20% percent of your final grade. It will be graded based upon how clearly

and thoroughly you define the issue, the extent and clarity of your factual understanding of the issue and its context, and how well you state and defend (with

evidence) your assessment of what policy should be pursued on this issue, not whether or not the instructor agrees with your position. Do not simply summarize an

event. You must develop a thoughtful critical analysis and policy prescription (i.e., what should be done and how it should be approached). I will attach an example.


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