Africa in the Age of Imperialism

The Making of Modem-Day Nigeria.
A). Discuss the conquest and/or peaceful take-over of two of the different parts that will constitute Nigeria today. Be sure to indicate your geographical knowledge by naming places and indicating the role of the Niger river. Write 4 pages for 40 per cent of your grade.
B). Discuss the insights into Hausa society and its political situation in the late 19th century that you gained from reading Shaihu Umar. (One page for 10 per cent of your grade).
2). The New Imperialism. Discuss what it means and the various beginning dates for it as suggested by our sources. Since the New Imperialism is often associated with events in Egypt and the Sudan, discuss the important events regarding Egypt and the Sudan that can be seen as evidence of the New Imperialism. Write 3 pages for 30 per cent of your grade.
3). Discuss the differences between France’s Assimilation and Association and Great Britain’s Indirect Rule methods of colonial administration. In other words, Assimilation/Association versus Indirect Rule. Did France and Great Britain achieve vastly different results to judge from the countries that emerged after achieving independence? Discuss. (2 pages for 20 per cent of your grade).