African American History

Discussion 1

Discuss the military roles of black Americans during the War for Independence.
Consider: How did the various militaries consider in their policies regarding the enlistment of black soldiers? Which factors contributed to black men’s decision to enlist on one side or the other? How important was black soldiers’ battlefield performance to the outcome of the war?

Discussion 2

Discuss Free blacks in the North usually congregated in cities. Compare the black communities that developed in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City.
Consider: What characteristics did they share and in what ways did they differ? How did demographic size affect black urban communities? To what degree did members of these communities escape discrimination and to what degree did they remain susceptible to it?

Discussion 3

Discuss the various means by which slaves resisted the slave system.
Consider: How widespread was such resistance? What were the most common and effective tactics? What does the prevalence of resistance reveal not only about slaves’ attitude toward slavery but also their ability to shape the conditions under which they lived and worked