Aging Awareness

Aging Awareness

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WRITING ASSIGNMENT- Aging Awareness Instructions

See following instructions:

Prepare a 4-page, double spaced, 12-point font paper. Keep a simple double space (no additional points between paragraphs) and indent each paragraph by ½ inch. Save this file as a MS word file. Here is what your paper must include:

1. Describe the 5 most important things you learned in this course. Then explain HOW you will use this learned information in your chosen profession.

2. When you have completed your paper, DISCUSS IT with someone you know who is 75 years or older and include their impressions in your paper.

3. Use at least 3 different references OTHER THAN the book for this course. Be sure your reference list at the end of this paper is in APA format.

Please use APA 6th edition format for this paper and for any bibliography or referenced material, please acknowledge authors appropriately according to APA (i.e. do not plagiarize words/ideas – see APA Publication Guidelines for details about Plagiarism). Plagiarism will not be tolerated and may cause you to failing this course. I have a sixth sense for plagiarism. Please do not be tempted. Most students are honest and hardworking. This is just a warning for a very, very, small minority. Include a reference list in APA format and references within the text as appropriate. Please be sure your paper has an introduction, transitional sentences between ideas, the body of information and a conclusion and is proofread for quality grammar, spelling, organization, and coherence. Write this paper in first person (e.g., I will apply this by taking my time to make sure my patients understand what I am going to do and have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.).

Grading Criteria for the Written Assignment

Criteria Possible Points
Clear description of 5 most important things learned 4
Careful analysis of how what was learned will be applied to chosen profession 4
Quality of discussion with elder person 4
Quality of grammar and writing skills, organization of paper 3

Total 15

*Deductions will be taken for lack of adherence to content, APA format, page limit, organization, writing quality and quality of proofreading. Plagiarism will result in failure (zero) on this assignment and referral to the Student Progress Committee. An automatic 10% deduction will be taken for late assignments. Assignments more than 1 week late will not be accepted.

Headings for the Paper

Headings are required 1) because it guides your thinking and assures you covered all required topics, and 2) it makes it easier for us to follow your train of thought.

Use the following headings:

Five most important things I learned
Item 1 (name it and talk about it)
How I will apply this in my profession
Item 2 (name it and talk about it)
How I will apply this in my profession
Item 3 (name it and talk about it)
How I will apply this in my profession
Item 4 (name it and talk about it)
How I will apply this in my profession
Item 5 (name it and talk about it)
How I will apply this in my profession
Discussion with an elderly person

Here are some of the common writing mistakes made by previous students on this assignment:

Improper use of commas
1. Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, so, and yet) joining independent clauses. Example: “I was unaware of the statistics about HIV and the aging population, and my grandfather was no different before he reviewed my paper.”
2. Use a comma after an introductory phrase or clause. Example: “Though I knew memory loss was relatively common in the aging process, I didn’t realize that long term memory was more affected than short term memory.”
3. Use a comma between all items (words or phrases) in a series (including the last word before the “and.” Example: “Sensory loss, auditory loss, and visual loss are all part of the normal aging process.

Failure to proofread carefully. Examples: indenting some paragraphs and not others, capitalizing common nouns, leaving words out that need to be there, saying the same thing twice but in different words (redundancy), misspelled words, wrong words. These things should easily be caught and corrected with careful proofreading.

Failure to give page numbers (hard copy) or paragraph numbers (e-copies when page numbers are not provided) in citations of direct quotes.


Gerontology for the Health Care Professional
Authors: Walter C. Chop & Regula H. Robnett
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett
Year: 2015 3rd edition
ISBN: 978-1-284-03887-3