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Name: Unit of work with Essay
make sure to follow the criteria exactly
Summary: Design a unit of work for a group of learners containing 2 sample lesson plans (one skills-based, one language-based) along with a justification of your decisions in an essay
What to submit and Length: Unit of work document + 1500-word essay
For this assignment, you will be developing a unit of work for a specific group of learners to show that you can integrate lesson content into a coherent unit that spreads out to about 5 to 12 hours of lessons. You will need to provide a unit of work document which contains sample lesson plans (one skills-based – and one language-based) along with an essay that explains how the features of the unit and the lessons will support the students’ learning.
The unit of work document
The unit of work is a coherent set of lessons ranging between 6 to 12 hours. Depending on the teaching context you chose or work in, you may teach 2 two-hour lessons a week, so you may cover 4 two-hour lessons spread out to two weeks. Alternatively, you may be working or planning to work in a typical Australian ELICOS setting and you teach 4 hours each day with 3 consecutive days on the same class (12 hours). Timetabling can be different at each institution, so the lesson setup may be different too, but in general keep to the 6 to 12 hours covered. If in doubt, consult your lecturer.
The unit of work document you are to submit will consist of the following components:
• A brief profile of the group of learners: they can be the same group you described in Assessment Task 2 (learners from different countries with diverse linguistic backgrounds as their first language. The pupils are adult of the age nineteen to twenty-eight. The students have different linguistic competence in English however the average group belongs to intermediate level). Again, it is important to provide info on your learners so that you demonstrate how your unit of work can contribute to their learning.
• A discussion of the contextual factors that needs to be taken into account with regard to the immediate context and the target context.
• An outline of the unit of work including aims and outcomes/objectives in a format that shows the main components and their relationships (how they build on each other, how they are related).
• An indication of where assessment and evaluation may be included in the unit of work.
• 2 sample lesson plans: one skills-based – NOT your previously submitted one – and one language-based containing all the information you were required to include in Assessment Task 2
The essay
In the essay, you will need to provide a rationale for the unit of work. You might like to discuss such aspects as:
• why you designed it the way you did (refer to your specific learner group too);
• why you selected certain exercises and activities; and perhaps even why you decided not to include certain exercises and activities;
• how you see the various components relating to each other; and
• how the design of the unit was informed by your views of learning.
To substantiate the points you are making, you will need to demonstrate that you have undertaken reading in the area, including the e-readings and your own external reading. You may also like to include an element of critical evaluation.
Criteria Needs Work Developing Achieved Outstanding

Unit of work

Clearly expressed aims and objectives/outcomes
Aims and outcomes are adequate for the learner group and the learning/teaching context
Components reflect the stated aims and objectives/outcomes
Components are staged logically and coherently
The sample lessons are adequate for the learner group and the learning/teaching context
Stages in the 2 lesson plans are clearly described:
S’s and T tasks, configuration, timing, texts used, language features for focus
Indication of assessment
Essay – 1500 words

Well-­-justified aims and objectives/outcomes
Rationale for design of unit of work based on principles of second language teaching methodology
Discussion of how the components of the unit of work relate to each other
Indication of your own views of second language learning
Correct referencing system (e.g. Harvard or APA) and in-­-text citations are used.
Final Mark and comments