Airport Industry Procedures

Airport Industry Procedures

Order Description


complete a 1500 approx word structured ‘Business Continuity Report’ to explain the management of the recovery of airport business functions following an unpredicted
“The unpredicted event is the loss of two (2) x ray machines in the arrivals area of the airport followed by the loss of electrical power across the entire airport.”

Special Conditions:
1. There is no spare x-ray machines
2. Electrical contractors have replaced the wiring but made a mistake with the main electrical input to the airport. The repair to wiring will take approx. 4-6 hours
3. You need to solve the problem to ensure passenger safety and airport security

Learning Outcomes
This assessment will test your ability to meet the learning outcomes as described in your module booklet, specifically:
1. Distinguish and illustrate a detailed knowledge of relevant operational planning and management of relevant Health and Safety issues.
2. Describe and demonstrate an understanding of complex business continuity issues in the context of airports security management
3. Evidence the ability to plan and prepare a response to emergency situations.

Briefing Notes for research to form the Report
The module is designed to further examine the procedural context of airports with particular attention to operational and procedural planning. Try and include specific
examples of:
a) Business Continuity Models
b) Operational Planning Techniques
c) Critical Incidents
d) Managing People in a Crisis
e) Business Continuity Management Strategy:
o See example Report at the end of this document

Essential Reading
1. Cabinet Office Identifying People Vulnerable in a Crisis Civil Contingencies Secretariat 2008
2. Department for Transport Airport Security Planning Guide DFT 2010
3. Health and Safety Executive UK Managing Crowds Safely HSE 2000
4. Hutchings P and Woodman P. Managing Threats in a Dangerous World CMI 2011
5. Ministry of Defence Operation in the United Kingdom- A Guide for Civil Responders MOD 1998

Electronic Resources
1. The International Business Continuity Information Portal.

2. Continuity Forum

3. Continuity & Resilience (slideshare)

4. College of Policing (2013) National Decision Model [Internet]. national-decision-model/
[Accessed 06 March 2016]

5. Qatar Airport Emergency Planning

6. Recognising threat – the importance of pre-incident surveillance.