Alcohol consumption among first-time mothers and the risk of preterm birth: a cohort study

Identify the research methods us. in the research study and understand their advantages and disadvantages. In this short paper activity, identify the methodology of the same article you worked with last week. The following article on alcohol consumption among first-time mothers and identify the research methods us. in the study, specifically addressing the following:
Was this an observational or experimental study? 3 Describe the methods used to collect the data and explain why the methods are appropriate based on the research question. 3 Was the data collected quantitative or qualitative? Support your identification with examples from the study. 3 Describe the analysis method used to analyze the data, identifying the software that was used. D Discuss the potential weaknesses of the data collection and data analysis methods used. Support your discussion with specific details. 3 Describe the key demographics of the population sampled and identify the inclusion and exclusion criteria for participants.
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