Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

Walker, Henry, and Jacobs provide stories that surround symbols that are life-changing for the protagonist. In a well-constructed response that is at least two paragraphs, answer the following prompt:
Choose two of the stories and write a comparison of the symbols in the stories: What do each of the symbols represent? Is the symbolism directly or indirectly conveyed to the reader? How do each of the symbols affect the tone/theme of the story? Use cited text examples to support your analysis Introduce an explanation of a symbol that would be present in your life story. You can attach a picture of your symbol (an example of this might be a baby blanket from your childhood, or a baseball from your first game). Explain how this symbol represents you.
The fabulous Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, delivers this piece that focuses on the different ways that family members get in touch with their ancestors. The symbolism in this story focuses on an quilt of every day use, and who has the right to keep it (pages 344-352)