All Marketers are Liars

There’s a saying that goes, All Marketers are Liars. Take a position as to whether or not you think this is true and back it up with specific examples.

Question 2:

Why is defining the target market so critical to advertising and promotional success? Provide a real world example of a defined target market.

Question 3:

What are some of the keys to a Good Social Media Promotion. Provide 3 examples of excellent social media promos. ( for example, keep it short, at least 3 times a day, funny, emotional, straight to the point)

Question 4:

AIDA is the tried and true acronym that defines success in advertising. What does it stand for? Provide 2 examples of ads that follow this prescription for advertising success.
(AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action)

Question 5:

List at least 4 things you have learned so far in class and provide examples of their application in the real world.
learned from class: social media promotion is really important promotion tool for promotion;2 ads in social media should be short, funny, engaging; 3. target marketing is really important.4. different place should different ways of promotion ways