America Race and Gender

Give examples of how gender & race emerge as constructs, inter- & independently, and utilized with 2 different groups, i.e. with Africans (Blacks), Europeans (Whites), Asians, & Am. Indians. Connect Said’s idea of Orientalism & hierarchal racial/gendered thinking. What links racial/gendered thinking, cultural imperialism, & European patriarchal imperialist projects? How did these unjust ideologies, social constructs, and structures drive the creation of exploitative labor systems like the Encomienda & the Atlantic Slave Trade Enterprise, as well as our modern Wage Gap. Detail the relationship between & within the trinities of fear that include Patriarchy-Gender-Sexism and White Supremacy-Race-Racism – how are white supremacy (ideology), race (social construct), and racism (system) connected, self-sustaining, and connected to other trinities?