America was torn apart by the Civil War in 1860

In the decade of the 1860s, America was torn apart by the Civil War. In the process, the
political system resolved (to the satisfaction of most) the question of state versus national
sovereignty and the economy expanded rapidly and created deep foundations for continued
industrial expansion. In the social and cultural spheres, the words freedom and democracy
were recast as America moved forward into new and often uncharted territory.

To complete this Lesson, you will do the following:
1) Read Chapter 14
2) Read Chapter 15
3) Write a 1-2 page reflection paper on the previous two steps.

Your Lesson Reflection paper should offer a summary of the content of the Lesson and also
offer some personal reflection on what you learned in the completion of this Lesson. Your
lesson reflections should try to make larger conclusions and judgments about the lesson. They
should be more than a simple re-statement of the summary in which you say: “I learned about
these things.”