American constitutional law

Pick a social issue you feel strongly about – immigration, equality, abortion, or any other social issue we have looked at in the course. Write a 1200-word letter (note 1200 words is about 5 full pages) to an elected official. The letter should a) describe your personal views on the issue and how you developed those views; b) identify at least three (3) related U.S. Supreme Court cases we have discussed in the course that relate to your topic and summarize the main points of these cases, and c) explain whether you think the Court decided these cases correctly, or not. Be sure to include specific quotes from opinions and dissents from at least four separate cases we have read and explain their relationship with each other. Lastly, in the conclusion of your letter, be sure to make a recommendation – tell the elected official what you would like them to do and
what changes you would like them to make. You should remind them of some of the specific points you raised in your analysis of the cases.
Also no cover page.
Also double spaced and include a work cited page.
this is the textbook we used also . Epstein, Lee and Thomas G. Walker. 2018. Constitutional Law for a Changing America: A Short Course (7th edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage/CQ Press. ISBN: 978-1-5063-4873-5